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NoPain® is Anesthetic based numbing cream. The most powerful and effective numbing cream ever made.

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Permanent Make-Up

NoPain® is Anesthetic based numbing cream. The most powerful and effective numbing cream ever made.

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NoPain® is Anesthetic based numbing cream. The most powerful and effective numbing cream ever made.

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Multi-purpose numbing cream

No Pain® Numbing Cream can be used for a wide variety of procedures.


Many tattoo artists are frustrated when costumers are jumping around in the chair, and it can lead to fatal errors. Use NO PAIN® next time you are going to have a tattoo, and we guarantee you a calm and painless treatment.


Permanent make-up procedures are really popular, but they are also extremely painful. NO PAIN® will make the skin area numb and remove all the pain.


Laser treatment is effective for hair removal, to reduce wrinkles as well as for removal of tattoos. However, the treatments can be extremely painful, but this is not a problem when using NO PAIN®.

No Pain numbing cream - what is it?
No Pain numbing cream – quick pain relief

No Pain Cream is an alleviating water-based numbing cream made to deal with pain deriving from tattoos, piercings, permanent make-up, vaccinations, or similar treatments. During these kind of treatments, most people experience pain – and in most cases, the pain is what is most feared about getting these treatments. But with the No Pain numbing cream, you can undergo most on-skin treatments without pain.
If you are considering treatments as mentioned above, or anything alike, you no longer have to worry about the pain during and after the session due to the anaesthetizing effect of the numbing cream. With No Pain Cream, you will be closer than ever to the tattoo of your dreams.

The purpose of No Pain Cream

For some time now, being tattooed, getting piercings, and undergoing vaccine treatments have been common practice. All though a lot of people want to have tattoos and piercings, the potential pain is keeping them away.
We decided to find a solution to that problem, because if you want a tattoo, you should be able to go get it. That is why we developed No Pain Cream, a numbing cream which ensures you a painless experience during the treatment. Hopefully, the absence of pain will encourage you to get the tattoo that you want.

The use of No Pain Cream
How to use the numbing cream

To ensure that the cream provides the optimal effect to the applied area, make sure to wash and clean the area adequately before applying the cream. We recommend using green soap specifically made for tattoos. In case green soap is not available for you, soap without perfume and parabens can be used as well.
The numbing cream should be applied approximately 30-45 min. before you undergo treatment. Apply a thick layer on the expected area of effect. Put on plastic film to avoid the cream drying out. For maximum effect, it is widely important that the cream does not dry out.
Lastly, wash off the cream before treatment. Make sure to remove it all, use a dry towel if necessary. If the treatment involves tattooing, wash off the cream with cold water exclusively.

How much numbing cream should I use?

No Pain Cream comes in tubes. You can buy one or multiple at a time, but how much should you really use?
It depends on how many treatments you get and how extensive they are. If you are getting your first considerably small tattoo, a single tube will suffice. If you are getting more than one tattoo and they start to add up in size as well, we advise more than just one tube of numbing cream – maybe even 3 or 5.
If you are going abroad and for this reason needs to be vaccinated for multiple diseases, we also advise you to buying more than just a single tube.
As mentioned, you have to apply a rather thick layer when using the numbing cream to reach full effect. If your first tattoo is a large-scale tattoo, more than one lube might be needed. A tube contains 30 g, and No Pain Cream is the strongest anaesthetizing cream currently available.

How to utilise the numbing cream

No Pain Cream is made for those who are about to undergo treatment and expect a certain level of pain during the session. We have listed the most common treatments where No Pain numbing cream can be used as a tool to avoid the pain.
Permanent makeup
Hair removal (laser)
Wax treatment
Permanent hair removal

Purchase and shipping of No Pain Cream
Purchase and shipping

No Pain Cream is available in all EU countries. If you decide to make an order from our website, we guarantee a fast and reliable delivery.
You will receive the purchase within 3-7 working days. If your purchase does not live up to your expectations, you can get your money back within 30 days after the order was placed. Please read terms and conditions before making a transaction.

For large orders and potential distribution

If you own a tattoo shop, providing or offering the No Pain numbing cream is a nice service for costumers fearing the pain. Besides that, you can inform your costumers that the cream is eligible for many other types of on-skin treatment such as piercings, vaccinations, and more.
The pain is for many the biggest obstacle when considering a tattoo. Buying No Pain Cream in large orders could be a massive asset to shops striving for providing their costumers the very best in terms of treatment experience and service.
If you are interested in this service, please contact [email protected] Provide us with details about your situation, and we will return to you as soon as possible.

No Pain Cream - a recommended product
Trustpilot recommendations

We are delighted to present that we are currently averaging an 9.2/10 score on Trustpilot. We are happy to help, and we are proud of feedback (translated from Danish) such as:
“Such a good numbing cream. You feel the touches, but you don’t feel the pain”
“I’ve been wanting a tattoo for 3 years, but I’m scared of syringes and the pain from the treatment, so I have done nothing about up until now. I’ll gladly recommend it for those looking for a solution to deal with the pain”
We are always looking for feedback in order to improve our product or service – let us know if you have any proposals.