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About us

For quite a while, tattoos and treatments related to permanent makeup, waxing, piercings have been rising in popularity. But despite the popularity, many also hesitate to get it done because of the pain. We decided to do something about that problem.

How the idea for pain-free treatments emerged

It all started with the desire to get a tattoo. But the thought of the pain stopped me. I knew several people who wanted a tattoo, but was too scared to do anything about it because of the pain. At the time, there was some ways to deal with the pain, but none of them suited me. I wanted something easy and manageable – and I wanted to provide the same service for those in my situation.

We came up with No Pain Cream, a numbing cream specifically designed to deal with pain from tattoo treatments and treatments alike. For me and for you.

NoPain Cream – a numbing cream

No Pain Cream is developed by specialists, and their idea was to make it easier and less painful to undergo skin treatments related to tattoos, vaccinations, and piercings. No Pain Cream is water based and therefore not allergenic – something that is very important when treating your body and skin.

The cream is a numbing cream, anaesthetizing the area of effect. You apply the numbing cream to the area or areas of your body that is about to undergo treatment. This is also known as local anaesthesia.

Despite the numbing cream being a cream, your skin does not get soft and ineligible for tattooing. It is specifically made for tattooing and other treatments alike.

We are continuously testing and developing our product to the better to make sure that you can get your tattoo without feeling pain.

Local anaesthesia is not harmful

Local anaesthesia is a sedating method used to relieve pain deriving from a specific area of the body. The No Pain Cream should be applied to the skin, requiring less effort than any other anaesthetizing method.

When the numbing cream is applied to the skin in that area of effect, you will experience a reduced sense of touch. The reduced sense of touch is why you will not feel any pain during the treatment, as with any other treatment or smaller operation involving local anaesthesia. Side-effects and allergic reactions rarely happen due to contents of the cream. Numbing cream and local anaesthesia is a safe way of ensuring yourself a pain-free treatment.

The substance blocks the transmission of nerve impulses from the area of effect to the central nervous system, ensuring that you will not feel pain. The impulses never reaches your brain due to the local anaesthesia. With numbing cream, you do not have worry about pain during a treatment.

NoPain Cream contains Lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic. According to some medical sources, 1-10% of people, who apply Lidocaine onto the skin, may experience slight redness on the area of application.

Besides that, approximately 0,1% of the entire population can be allergic to Lidocaine, and this small percentage would therefore have a bigger tendency of experiencing an allergic reaction, when using NoPain Cream.

That being said, we would like to make you aware that our product is, in no way, dangerous to use, but it may cause redness or an allergic reaction for some people, which is completely harmless. If you have any doubt, if you may be allergic to Lidocaine, you can always apply a bit of the cream on a small area on your skin, to test it that way.

NoPain Cream are neither doctors nor skin doctors, we support ourselves to independent sources and official statements from doctors and skin doctors. For questions and interest, please contact our customer service.

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