6 Steps to never regret tattoos

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Unfortunately a lot of people can connect with the idea of a “regret tattoo”. It is actually not uncommon to regret a tattoo, and there are several reasons why you may regret your choice. But there are some things you can pay attention to so that you never regret the tattoo. In this post, we will discuss the most important factors that will make you never regret the tattoo you intend to get and make you love it forever.

6 Steps to never regret your tattoo

1.Step: Finding a good tattoo-artist you can trust

When getting a tattoo, you should never go to a tattoo shop just because it is cheaper than others. First you want to research where to find good tattoo-artists in your city and maybe ask your friends with no regret tattoos, who they would recommend. The last thing you want, is to regret tattoos because it was poorly made, just like the singer and celebrity Ariana Grande did. She wanted to get a tattoo that says “7 rings” in Japanese, but the tattoo actually says “tiny charcoal grill”, because of a mistake in tattooing the Japanese signs. Luckily the tattoo-artist made a fix-up, but that just shows the importance of finding a top-tier artist to make ur tattoo. You can read our other blogpost about how to find a good tattoo studio.

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2.Step: Do not be too young

Research has found out that around 37% of people that regret tattoos, were between the age of 18 and 21. In these ages you will be more likely to regret tattoos. Try also to avoid the mistake Hailey Bieber, the famous model and influencer, did. She has a tattoo of a handgun on her middle finger. She said that she thought it was cool at that time. But now as a 26-year-old she thinks that guns are violent, and the tattoo is inappropriate. Also, in these ages you are more likely to get a tattoo just for the sake of trying it, because you want to see how it feels. So be a little more patient and really think about the design. To read more about at what age people usually regret tattoos, click here.

3.Step: Never get a tattoo spontaneous

It can be dangerous to get a tattoo of something you have only liked for a few months, as you can change your mind fast. That mistake was done by celebrity and Popstar Justin Bieber. He got a tattoo of his former girlfriend Selena Gomez, but as they are not together anymore, he does regret tattoos of her. He tried covering it up with a different tattoo, “but people still know” he says. To learn more about celebrities who regret tattoos, click here.

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4.Step: Research the areas of your tattoo

It is important to understand that there are areas on your body, where tattoos will not heal as good as otherwhere. For example, on your fingers or toes, a tattoo will not heal as well as on other areas, so that could lead to regret tattoos of you. Locations that are exposed a lot to the sun, are quicker to fade away, than those tattoos that get little to no contact with the sun. You should also always consider that your skin will stretch as you get older. A good area to get a tattoo, is your outer collarbone, as this area will most likely not be exposed to the sun as it is often covered by clothes. Here, the skin also won’t stretch as much as in other areas. 

5.Step: Find out how your ink will fade

Tattoos that are made without black ink will fade unevenly, as colours will fade differently depending on the brightness or depth of the colour. So to lower your chances of a tattoo regret, consider getting a tattoo that is made with black ink, because it will last the longest and will fade more evenly. Of course, you can make your tattoo last longer by treating it right, for example use moisturiser and wash it with gentle soap daily. A big factor in how long it will last, is how you expose the tattoo to the sun. So always wear sunscreen to make your tattoos last longer. An alternative is a re-make of your tattoo, where they basically do the tattoo again on top of your old one, but the colours look fresher. But you would have to pay again, which can be expensive. Click here to learn more about tattoo aftercare for optimal health for your tattoo and your skin.

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6.Step: Do it for you!

Never get a tattoo of something that is a trend or style right now! When that style fades, so will your love to your tattoo. Getting the tattoo because of someone else is obviously a bad idea. Maybe you just want to fit in, but with time, you will most likely regret tattoos you get because of that. Also, if you plan on getting tattoos fitting to the one your partner has, just think about it one more time. These are often removed afterwards, just because the couple is no longer together. So, before getting a tattoo, it would be a good idea to really think about why you want THAT tattoo. Do you want the Tattoo because you love the design or do you want it because you think it would look good to others?


All in all, it is important to do your research from home, before getting a tattoo. It would be an advantage to know where and with which ink you are getting tattooed, as you can avoid a bad quality tattoo. But the most important advice from us is: think twice before getting a tattoo. Get a tattoo that you really love, and consider what you think your opinion would be in 10 years. 

If you follow and consider these steps, your chances to regret tattoos will be much lower. 

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