How to prepare for a tattooing session?

Tattooing session is getting closer, and you are probably wondering How can I prepare for the appointment and what should I take care of?”. Dont worry, in this blogpost, we are going to give you tips to make your treatment go the best way possible. 

tattooing session tips

Choose the right design before your appointment 

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By choosing the design you want to get tattooed before the appointment,you will have enough time, to think about if you reallywant to wear it on your skin for a lifetime.This will help you to relax before getting tattooed, because you dont have to stress about it. We recommend you to talk through everything with your tattoo artist, because he knows more about tattooing and can make the appointment more enjoyable.

If you are not sure about your design, you can ask your tattoo artist if he has examples you might like.

What causes damage to the tattoo?

It is very important to stay away from the sun, swimming pools, sauna and working out the day after you get tattooed. All of these things make your skin softer, which can lead to a damage of your tattoo. Especially sweat can cause irritation on your tattoo. We recommend to get a tattoo in winter, to avoid these kind issues.

What else should I do for the perfect experience?

Your tattoo artist is going to disinfect the body part you want to get tattooed. But you still must take care of your hygiene before you come to the appointment. Make sure to take a shower and wear clean clothes before you get tattooed. We recommend you to wear loose clothes, this will make you more comfortable, especially if your appointment is going to take a couple of hours. 

If you have dry skin, make sure to take good care of it days before tattooing. This will make your desired area smoother for tattooing. Avoid shaving, if can cause irritation- let your tattoo artist do it before tattooing. This might sound uncomfortable, but it is the safest way. 

Another tip is to avoid the sun couple of days before tattooing, because the sun can cause sunburn. The sunburn is a damage and unnecessary pain for your skin.

Keep an eye on these aspects

If you get sick, reschedule your appointment. Your body needs to relax when you dont feel well. The pain after tattooing is only going to make you feel worse. Because of this, make sure that you are completely healthy. 

If you have diseases like diabetes and HIV or allergies, you have let your tattoo artist know. The tattoo artist needs to decide, if he wants to tattoo you, because a disease like HIV can be transmitted through the equipment to other clients.

It is also recommended to talk to your doctor if you take any medication, this can prevent unwanted aftereffects. Especially if you take blood-thinning medication.


The day of the appointment

The day of your appointment is finally here. Make sure that you have slept enough. A lack of sleep can cause stress and more pain. It is also common do get dizzy during tattooing, therefore a good breakfast is recommended. Take some food and water with you, if your treatment is going to take some hours. 

Pain prevention during tattooing

You might be afraid that the tattooing process is going to be very painful. Well, there is a perfect solution for your concern. The NoPain numbing cream is there to help you! 

Feel free to apply a numbing cream 45 minutes before the treatment and wash it off. The numbing cream will numb the pain and make the procedure more enjoyable.

Now you can be feel confident and go to your appointment without any concerns! 

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Thank you for reading this blogpost. We hope that we could help you! 

Follow these tips and dont worry, a tattooing treatment is not as bad as you might think.

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