Painless permanent makeup

Would you like to have your eyebrows tattooed with permanent makeup? Permanent makeup gives a beautiful, natural and durable result. But unfortunately, it can also be extremely painful. With No Pain numbing cream, you can easily avoid the pain completely. The cream should be applied 15-20 minutes before the tattooing begins, and the difference in the pain level will be huge. The cream can be used both in connection with permanent makeup for eyebrows and tattooing of eyeliner. Read this and learn more.


Is permanent makeup the right choice for you?

There are many different reasons as to why one chooses to get permanent makeup done. It can be handy on a busy morning, where you can avoid spending unnecessary time on makeup. In Scandinavia, it is also common to have very light or maybe completely transparent eyebrows. Therefore, permanent makeup can be a great solution. Both makeup and eyebrows frame your face and accentuates your natural beauty, and without this, the face can easily appear transparent and flat. Permanent makeup is for everyone, but it is important to remember that it is a permanent solution. Once it is done, it cannot be washed off again.


Arrange a consultation with a professional clinic

There are some people that are advised against getting permanent makeup done. This especially applies if you are suffering from a skin disease. That is why it is always a good idea to get a consultation with a licensed clinic before you get started.


How the makeup becomes permanent

Permanent makeup is done by pricking tiny needles into the skin. The needles deposit mineral pigments in the upper layers of the skin and that is how your makeup will become permanent. The treatment is performed with needles that are specially created for this purpose. The needles are pricked into the skin’s top layer, which is approximately 0.2 to 0.6 mm under the skin’s surface. Since the color is added to the top layer of the skin, the result will also fade over time, so if you are happy with the result, you may need to have it fixed or even get a completely new treatment at a later stage.


How long does permanent makeup last for?

For how long the cosmetic treatment will last depends on your skin type. Permanent makeup can last for anywhere between 1 to 10 years. The makeup will fade slowly over time, and sometimes it may also be necessary to correct the makeup again. Eyebrows often need to be corrected after one year, whereas the lips and eyeliner will have to be corrected after two years.


Permanent makeup can be a painful experience

Permanent makeup is incredibly beautiful, if the treatment is carried out by professionals. But no matter how professional the cosmetologist is, there will of course be a lot of pain related to the treatment. This is why it is important to consider the pain, before you have permanent makeup done. The treatment is performed with needles that perforate into the skin and this naturally hurts. Fortunately, there is a solution that can help you overcome the pain.


Avoid pain with numbing cream

Before you have permanent makeup done, you will be offered a numbing cream, which can relieve and reduce your sense of pain during treatment. The cream helps to make the skin on the given area numb, so that you feel less pain during the actual treatment. This makes the process much more bearable, and the pain will be acceptable. It might even be a good idea to buy a pain-relieving cream to have at home.


The No Pain numbing cream should be applied 15-20 minutes before the treatment and works in the same way by numbing the skin on the area of effect. Numbing cream can be applied to both eyebrows, lips and in connection with permanent eyeliner. Put the numbing cream on the area that is to be tattooed 20 minutes before the treatment and let it take effect until you have the treatment done. The numbing cream can easily be removed with a damp cloth or a piece of paper.


Healing and aftercare

Once your treatment is complete, the skin will begin to heal. The healing process varies from person to person, and it can take anywhere between 10 to 45 days before the permanent makeup is healed completely. During healing, you may encounter various pain, irritation and itching. It is important that you treat the vulnerable area properly afterwards, since the treatment has broken tiny holes in the skin, and therefore it is important that it gets to heal properly. A good healing process will ensure you a great result in the end, and then the pain will not have been for nothing.


It is therefore important that you do not itch or scratch in the area. Make sure to rub it with a pain-relieving cream and keep the area moisturized but not greasy. The clinic, where you choose to have the treatment done, will give you advice and guidance on what you can do to ensure a great healing process and thus a nice result.

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