3 Tubes 30g. NoPain®

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3 tubes of 30 g. The Original NoPain Cream. The Original NoPain Cream is the world’s strongest numbing cream recommended by tattoo artists worldwide.
NoPain has created an alleviating cream, offering you a solution to deal with the pain from being tattooed, getting piercings, vaccinations, or other types of skin treatments. With this anti-pain cream, you do not have to worry about being sore or in pain because of a cosmetic treatment.

Example use cases:
  Permanent make-up
  Laser treatments

Practical anti-pain cream for substantial use

The versatile numbing cream can be used for many various reasons. This package contains 3 tubes of 30 gram each and is therefore suited for more than just average use. The package is tailored for larger tattoos and frequent visits at the tattoo shop as well as continuous pain due to different reasons involving skin treatment in one way or another.

In case you are travelling abroad, vaccinations are sometimes required. However, they can be painful, but the NoPain cream removes the pain by anaesthetizing a specific area. In addition, the cream offers great longevity, designed for dealing with issues over time.


Local anesthesia with prompt effect

The cream numbs the area that is about to be affected through treatment. The cream should therefore be applied preemptively in order for you to feel as little pain as possible. The effect is almost immediate, providing the most optimal setting for your treatment.

The cream offers comfort when getting your body decorated or treated for other reasons. The expected pain never occurs, and there is no longer a reason to be nervous about the upcoming treatment. If you are unsure of whether the cream can help you, do not hesitate to contact us. We know everything about our product, and we will gladly guide you to the right decision.

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