5 Tubes 30g. NoPain®

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5 tubes of 30 g. The Original NoPain Cream. The Original NoPain Cream is the world’s strongest numbing cream recommended by tattoo artists worldwide.
This is the ultimate package of NoPain numbing cream made for those with an excessive, constant need of pain relief during treatments. The popularity of tattoos and body decorations is steadily rising, and this cream is specifically made to deal with the pain deriving from these kinds of treatments. Also, if you are several people about to be vaccinated for a travel abroad, apply the cream and experience zero pain.

Example use cases:
  Permanent make-up
  Laser treatments

Easily usable alleviating cream for extensive use

The package contains 5 tubes of numbing cream, 30 g each. This edition is by a distance our largest, suited for those undergoing treatment on frequent basis. The cream is great at dealing with pain from larger tattoo projects as well as multiple vaccinations.

In case you are running a tattoo shop yourself, this 5-tube solution could provide as a nice service to paying costumers as a part of their preparation for their large-scale tattoo. And do not worry about the durability of the product: The cream has great longevity, allowing you to use it whenever you want.


Plug and play solution

In practice, the cream should be used before undergoing treatment. Apply it to the area of effect preemptively approximately an hour and a half before the treatment session, and you will not feel any pain.

The effect is almost immediate, and the cream only has to be applied one time going into the treatment. Unsure of whether NoPain cream is the right choice for you? Contact us today – we are happy to help you.

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