2 Tubes 30g. NoPain®

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2 tubes of 30 g. The Original NoPain Cream. The Original NoPain Cream is the world’s strongest numbing cream recommended by tattoo artists worldwide.
With the rise in popularity of tattoos, cosmetic treatments, and body decorations, more people are looking for options to deal with the pain during the treatment. NoPain has made a numbing cream for this exact purpose, allowing you to feel good while being tattooed, getting piercings, vaccinations, or other treatments alike.

Example use cases:
  Permanent make-up
  Laser treatments

Versatile anti-pain cream for frequent use

In this package, you will receive two tubes containing 30 gram each. This edition is suited for those about to get a large-scale tattoo or several vaccinations. The long-lasting numbing cream also offers a solution for treatments that take several visits over a period of time. Regardless of whether it is in relation to tattoos or other skin treatments, the NoPain Cream serves its purpose.

If you are in doubt whether the numbing cream can fix your specific problem, feel free to contact us and tell us about your situation. If you already did order, instructions should be available as a part of your purchase.


Instant effect on applied area

When the cream is applied to the area of pain, that specific part will be anaesthetized. The effect is almost instant, but use it preemptively to deal with upcoming pain. Use it just before your treatment, as it will quickly numb the troubled area and help you ease your pain.

The NoPain Cream offers you a painless treatment whether you are being tattooed, vaccinated, or cosmetically treated in other fashions. Allow yourself to be the best you can be by avoiding any pain that could occur.

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