Permanent makeup: How to get started

If you are contemplating getting permanent makeup, there are many different factors to take into consideration before getting it done. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of full brows, perfectly lined lips or something completely different. But how it work and how you do you get it done? Below, you will find the answers to some of these questions as well as advice on permanent makeup in general.


Where can you get permanent makeup done?

When you want to have it done, it is important that you choose to get it done by someone that is professionally educated. Most practitioners, who offer to do permanent makeup, have a background as beauticians or skin therapists.

This also means that they have an adequate understanding of how the processes works. By choosing a professional, it is also more likely that you will get a treatment you will be happy with for a long time.

How is permanent makeup done?

The permanent makeup is done by using special needles and equipment that injects mineral pigments in the upper layers of the skin, just 0.2-0.5 mm below the skin’s surface. Since the color will be put into the dermal layers of the skin, one can also expect that the color will fade over time in contrast to a real tattoo. It is therefore necessary to have the color maintained once in a while in order to
get the optimal result.

Permanent makeup is for (almost) everyone

Everyone can get a treatment. However, it is important to take into consideration that this is a permanent solution. It is therefore not possible to undo and wash the makeup off if you’re not happy with the result.

There are some people that are advised against getting permanent makeup. It can be people suffering from a skin disease or other kinds of serious diseases. We recommend that you visit a clinic that does permanent makeup and talk to them about your worries if you are unsure of whether you are eligible for permanent makeup or not.

Pain related to permanent makeup

One thing that is important to have in mind when you get permanent makeup done is the pain that you can experience during the treatment. Since the treatment consists of needles that perforate the skin, it will most likely not feel comfortable.

Fortunately, you will often be offered a numbing cream, which can help make your skin feel numb in the specific area that is about to undergo treatment. In that way, the actual treatment will be more bearable. It can be a great idea to buy a pain relieving cream that helps to numb the skin if you apply it before the treatment. But what about the pain that occurs after the treatment?

Care after the treatment

Although one would think that the worst pain was gone after the treatment, this is unfortunately not always the case. For many, the healing process after the treatment takes all the way up to 45 days because the treatment itself consist of perforating the skin with sharp needles and therefore the skin needs to heal up afterwards. This can cause irritation and pain on the skin while the healing process is in progress.

permanent makeup

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If you are planing on doing permanent makeup, use the NoPain numbing cream to numb the pain!

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