10 Tubes 30g. NoPain®

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10 tubes of 30 g. The Original NoPain Cream. The Original NoPain Cream is the world’s strongest numbing cream recommended by tattoo artists worldwide.
This package contains 10 tubes of the effective NoPain numbing cream. The cream should be applied when undergoing treatments, such as skin piercings, tattoos and other types of body art, as well as vaccinations. The pain-relieving cream also works when using it for treatments involving botox or removal of scars.
With 10 tubes, you get a medium-sized selection. Purchase this selection if you are running your own tattoo shop and want to provide extraordinary customer service, or if you are getting a large, almost full-body tattoo over several weeks. Are you going through a period with multiple vaccinations or skin treatments, 10 tubes will also certainly do the job of relieving the pain adequately.

Example use cases:
  Permanent make-up
  Laser treatments

Relieve the pain – don’t fear the treatment

The NoPain Cream sedates the area to which it is applied. Apply the cream before treatment and calm your nerves before getting your tattoo or whatever treatment you might undergo. Reduce the level of fear and go into treatment with a prepared body and a healthy state of mind. Said differently, the cream has a direct and an indirect effect on you – both of them positive.

How to use the numbing cream

Regardless of your reasons to use the cream, make sure to apply it before undergoing treatment. Apply it approximately an hour and a half before treatment and wash it off right before it is about to start. If you are getting a tattoo, we recommend using cold water.

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