25 Tubes 30g. NoPain®

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25 tubes of 30 g. The Original NoPain Cream. The Original NoPain Cream is the worlds strongest numbing cream recommended by tattoo artists world wide.
The NoPain numbing cream is a pain-relieving cream that prevents any feeling of pain, when being tattooed, pierced, or undergoing any sort of cosmetic treatment that could lead to pain. This package contains 25 tubes of 30g each, suited for tattoo shops or extensive usage. Offer this numbing cream to your clients before the treatment as a part of your service.

Example use cases:
  Permanent make-up
  Laser treatments

The go-to choice for tattoo artists

As a tattoo artist, you meet all types of clients. Some have been at the shop multiple times, but some are also about to have their first tattoo. Offering this numbing cream as an additional service is great costumer service, as the individual pain threshold differs from person to person. Let them know that you care about them. Alternatively, sell and distribute the numbing cream yourself and let returning customers prepare at home.

Apply the numbing cream before treatment

Whether you are looking for a pain-free treatment in relation to tattooing or any other cosmetic treatment, the NoPain numbing cream can be applied to the area of effect and prevent incoming pain. Apply the cream approximately an hour and a half before treatment. Wash off the cream right before the treatment. Follow the instructions accompanying your purchase for more details.


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