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permanent makeup

Do you dream about just to being able to roll out of bed each morning and look like a million dollars without putting in any effort? Then permanent makeup is the perfect solution for you! Thanks to permanent makeup, it is possible to look fresh and well rested each and every day. But how do you get permanent makeup done? What kind of treatments can you get? Does it hurt? We will provide you with the answers right here.


permanent makeup

Lots of choices for permanent makeup

When you want to get permanent makeup done, there are many different types of micro pigmentations to choose from. The most common types of permanent makeup consists of having your brows, lips or eyeliner done. Under these various treatments, there are a ton of different treatment methods. For example, it is possible to get “powder brows” or 3D-brows where the eyebrows either get an almost powdery appearance, or more natural brows with 3D-strands of hair.

Micro pigmentation and potential pain

Since permanent makeup will be put into the skin using sharp needles, there will be a certain amount of pain associated with the treatment. The level of pain when you get permanent makeup done is very individual. If you have very sensitive skin, you may experience a greater irritation.

Therefore, it is very important that you talk to your practitioner before you get micro pigmentation done on your face. The practitioner will be doing their job as gently as possible so that you won’t experience greater pain than necessary. You can also choose to buy a pain relieving cream that you can apply to your skin before the treatment commences.

Before the treatment begins, you will typically have a numbing cream applied by the practitioner, which will make the specific area of your face less sensitive to the pain. If you are having your lips done, which are the part of the face, where most experience discomfort, you will have more numbing agents applied during the treatment in order to make it as pleasant as possible for you. It is always an option to ask the practitioner to take a break during the procedure if you need a break from the sharp needles.

As soon as your treatment is over, the healing process begins. This can for many create irritation around the treated area, since it is a wound that needs to heal in order to create the final result. In order to minimize irritation and pain, an emollient cream for sores can help make the healing process more bearable. The healing process can take anywhere from 20-45 days depending on how your skin responds to the micro pigmentation and the natural colors that will be used in connection with the treatment.

Maintenance of permanent makeup

Although the makeup is permanent, the micro pigmentation will be placed in the upper layers of the skin, which also means that the color will fade slowly over time. Therefore, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment. The frequency of the repetitions various from person to person. If you’ve had your brows done, you can expect to have them fixed after a year’s time, while eyeliner and lips should be fixed after about two years from date of treatment.

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